About the company

IPCOMROADS is a specialist in the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). We are the largest integrators and builders of WIM stations in Ukraine. Only in 2020-2021 we have built more than 40 WIM complexes of high-speed weighing.

We are actively developing in all our business lines and offer the best standard and customized solutions, new concept of affordable, practical and at the same time high-tech products.

IPCOMROADS is a young and ambitious team, a reliable and responsible partner, ready to solve any problem and achieve results. We encourage innovation and move fast, improving technology and solutions according to the objectives of our partners.

Thanks to the flexibility of our production, we respond quickly to changing market needs and growing demands. Continuous modernization of our production and improvement of our processes allows us to grow and develop new areas every year. All our development limits are only limited by our imagination. We are always two steps ahead.

Our goals:

Significantly (up to twice) reduce the number of accidents and fatalities through the prevention of offenses and the inevitability of punishment.

Increase the service life of road surfaces on highways by 2 times and preserve natural resources.

Create a nurturing environment for road users by reducing the load on the road network and increasing the capacity of the city's street and road network.

Organize a new source of replenishment of the local and state budget.

Our tasks:

To create an automated system for controlling the transportation of oversized and heavy loads.

Expand the geography of automated detection of violations of traffic laws and transportation of large and heavy loads.

To create a unified system of parking space management in cities.

Provide public service agencies with reliable and complete statistical data for effective planning of transport infrastructure development.

Provide business with new IT-services: logistics optimization, the possibility of extra freight, transport monitoring.

Hardware and Software base

smart "digital vision" cameras on regional roads

set of Data Processing Center (DPC) equipment

weight and dimensions control posts on highways

set of equipment Situational Center for ITS control

parking places with automatic parking time recording

digital services for citizens, businesses, and authorities