LED boards


The LED-DMS signboard is intended for road installation and posting traffic-related information important for motorists.

LED-DMS road signs are a universal solution.

Such messages include informative and precautionary content, particularly ways to bypass closed areas. The design is ideal for difficult road sections, where it is necessary to change the screen’s content periodically. It may be due to changes in weather conditions, the condition of the road surface, and the time of day.

You can place messages in text or graphics on LED boards. The internal lighting makes the information visible from a long distance at different times of the day.

Such devices provide continuous work without interruptions. It`s become possible due to modern technologies that support the functioning of the scoreboard 24/7. The frame of the module has been thoughtful to the smallest detail. The lightweight model is the basis of the entire structure and guarantees the rigidity of the scoreboard. In addition, installation and maintenance do not require high costs. All plastic parts are well protected from direct sunlight, which could damage the coating, and UV protection also maintains image contrast by preventing black burnout.

Functions of LED-DMS structures:

  1. Reduce the number of road accidents, and alleviate their consequences.
  2. The manufacturers make the scoreboard taking into account the peculiarities of the climate in the region of the intended installation.
  3. Contribute to the rapid stabilization of traffic in the event of emergencies (accidents, repair work, sudden changes in weather conditions).
  4. Able to alleviate the consequences of downtime in traffic jams and optimize fuel consumption.

Where the boards are used:

  • Parking lots.
  • City streets and metropolises.
  • Complex road junctions.
  • Gas stations
  • Connection points of pedestrian and traffic flow.
  • The territory of strategically important objects – airports, railway stations, bridges.
  • Sections with combined or reversible movement.
  • Transport routes of state importance.

The main pluses of light road structures:

Versatility On the LED-DMS road sign, information can be displayed in any form, which makes the device multifunctional.
Flexibility Manufacturers make panels taking into account the peculiarities of the climate in the region of the intended installation.
Compliance with international norms and standards LED signs are manufactured taking into account all European requirements, which ensures high quality and reliability.
Resistance to temperature changes The scoreboard continues to work normally with sharp temperature changes. The temperature range is -25 to +60 degrees.
Round-the-clock work The structures are designed for 24/7 operation during the lifetime.
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