Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS)

Purpose of the system

Invipo is a software integration platform that allows you to integrate projects of intelligent transport systems or “Smart City” according to any customer’s requirements. As part of the modernization of the ASURP system, the Invipo system was used to control and monitor the traffic section on the highway.

Capabilities of the ATSMS

Data collection and diagnosis makes it possible to monitor in real time:

Data storage
Data collection and processing
Work online
Management and control
Open API
Centralized control mechanism
Big data support
Role system
Data analysis and automatic decision-making
Centralized event processing
Smart work scenarios
Groups of operations
Automatic notification
Various interface options

Modular system architecture

Implementation on the Boryspil highway

The 17-kilometer highway connects the largest air and transport logistics hub in Ukraine. The daily traffic capacity of this section is 85 thousand cars. Dense traffic provokes the emergence of accidents, which further slows down the traffic.

IPCOMROADS Company spent two months installing Boryspil highway. During this time over 130 cameras and 19 information portals were installed. After a month of testing, the system has been approved for permanent road control and operates smoothly as planned. This is the first large-scale automatic traffic monitoring project implemented in Ukraine.

System Administration module ● monitoring and management of all elements on the InVipo platform;
● determination of the operating status of a specific device;
● displaying item icons and device details above the map;
● an overview of all events related to this element, divided by columns;
● a list of all defects that occurred on a separate device;
● management of all users who have access to the InVipo platform;
● management of roles in the system;
● a table with all the events that have taken place and their management;
● event details and source code.
Board control module (Variable Message Signs, VMS) ● displaying icons of VMS operators over the map base;
● monitoring of VMS operating status;
● setting the message content variable;
● simple identification display (including message content, type, control mode);
● smart scheduler, thanks to which you can set individual scenarios;
● a simple button to enable or disable VMS; ● view a list of current scripts and images;
● messages about hardware failures and communication interruptions;
● easy management of all available VMS, including content modification.
WIM control module ● detection of overloaded vehicles and subsequent protection of roads from damage;
● saving costs for road repairs, extending the service life of roads;
● automatic violations and a simple overview of all violated vehicles and details about them;
● accurate and reliable measurement works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the involvement of employees.
Plates fixation module ● surveillance of vehicles, the movement of which must be controlled for various reasons;
● a central control point for vehicle license plates with the right to enter various points of the city (white list);
● a central control point for license plates of vehicles, which, on the contrary, are prohibited from entering urban areas (black list);
● the blacklist is also used to track the movement of stolen vehicles.
Violation monitoring module ● provision of a sufficiently high-quality screenshot of the offending vehicle from the camera due to high resolution;
● the ability to transfer data in real time between different offices or departments;
● easy malfunction indication and subsequent repair;
● working with big data allows you to create a huge registry of license plates.
Road condition monitoring module ● immediate review of the current weather situation, monitoring of the status of the stations.
● display of measured data and other information, such as graphs and operational status of stations.
● archive of measured data from weather stations and their comparison for a certain period of time.
● the stations are under constant supervision. The platform can detect if the station has a hardware failure or communication failure.
● setting up information for city residents about the surrounding situation, including notifications about changes.
● all status changes can be configured to send a notification or email.
● the module constantly downloads new measured data and stores it in the Invipo database.
Implemented projects