Classic WIM

Overloaded road trucks and tractors damage the pavement on local and international highways. This disrupts traffic and threatens all road users. An effective solution to the problem is automatic weighing and monitoring stations.

Goals of WIM

WAGA is a combination of permanently installed equipment, mobile units and a set of software products providing measurement of vehicle weight and dimensions and automatic data transfer to external information systems. The automatic point of weight and dimensions control weighs and measures vehicles without reducing the speed of the main stream.

Opportunities WIM

Functional capabilities

axial loads
full weight
number of axles
the distance between the axes
the total number of wheels on the axle
the total number of wheels on the axle
vehicle speed
Overall dimensions

Features of cooperation with IPCOMROADS

IPCOMROADS company has successfully implemented the launch of the main part of intelligent systems of heavy transport control on the territory of Ukraine.

All complexes are certified and ready to issue fines for violations of traffic rules.

All complexes meet the requirements of technical protection. Specialists carry out “turnkey” solutions.

Installation from scratch or integration of own design with installed control system is possible.

Typical WIM specifications

The name of the characteristic The value of the characteristic
Accuracy class: for TC mass - 10
for single axle and axle group - F
Accuracy class for TC mass 10
Maximum weighing limit Max 35 t
Minimum weighing limit Min 0.5 t
Counting resolution d, kg 50 kg
Operating speed range 10…140 km/hour
Maximum transit speed 255 km/hour
Operating ambient temperature range -40 - +70

Hardware part

Weighing module
Inductive loop The presence of FC Vehicles in the weight control area
Weight (force) measurement sensor Measurement of axial loads
Slope detection sensor Determination of the total number of wheels on the axle of the vehicle and wheels in the wheel assembly
Temperature compensation sensor Adjustment of measurements
Data processing unit Collection and processing of information from sensors
Video recording module
ANPR cameras Recognition of road traffic signs, recording of violations
Surveillance cameras Video recording of the weighing process
Module for measuring overall parameters Measurement of the vehicle dimensions
Motion control module
VMS scoreboard Information about the need for weighing
Communication module System controller, PC
Protection and access control module Additional video surveillance

Software part

Formation of the fact of weighing, recording of violations, management of the system
WAGA Dispatcher's ARM, central information storage and processing
Implemented projects