DOZOR speed cameras

With multi-lane traffic and high-speed traffic there is a need for remote automatic registration of traffic violations and compliance with speed limits. We offer a unique system DOZOR, which detects traffic violations during driving and transmits them to the appropriate authorities.

DOZOR functionality

The system consists of speed cameras and computing equipment and special software for them. DOZOR measures the speed of vehicles from 0 to 300 km/h without radar assistance (remains invisible to radar detectors).

Each device is protected by a compact IP67 weatherproof enclosure, assembled by a robot that provides amazing performance in all conditions, from the arctic cold to the desert heat.

Built-in backlighting and advanced dimming work together to produce clearly visible, high-contrast images of both reflective and non-reflective plates.

In addition, the system allows:

  • recognize the registration number of the vehicle (samples of symbols of different countries are available up to the customer’s choice);
  • are able to work with the on-board ANPR with high accuracy, as well as recognize the make, model and color of the vehicle to quickly collect vehicle identification information on the spot;
  • observe the lane, fix driving in the bus lane;
  • monitor for running red lights and crossing a double solid line;
  • automatically check vehicles against stolen vehicle databases;
  • store data on traffic flow in the archive;
  • detect the absence of a mandatory insurance policy;
  • automatically generate fines, and send the information to the relevant regulatory authorities.

Our company prepares the project, installs and calibrates the system. Ongoing support and maintenance of the cameras is guaranteed. We provide connection to communication channels, electricity, as well as cleaning of the system.

Advantages of using speed cameras

  • The DOZOR system makes it possible to collect and analyze large amounts of statistical data about the density, speed and type of traffic. This information simplifies and accelerates management decisions in the road sector. After a few months of system operation, the average speed of traffic flow will increase and traffic will become more uniform.
  • The changes are monitored with two DOZOR systems installed in series.
  • Effective recording of violations reduces the number of accidents and improves road safety. All deviations from the traffic rules are levied with fines, which drivers receive automatically. DOZOR significantly replenishes the local budget at the expense of traffic offenders.


Range of vehicle speed measurement 0…300 kmph
Limits of the permissible speed measurement error 0…100 km/ h - ±3 % 100…300 km / h - ±2 %
Operating conditions (temperature) -40°С…+60°С
Operating conditions (relative humidity) 95%
Protection level IP66
The limit of the permissible absolute error of tying the current time of the meter to the UTS time scale (SU) ±1s
Power supply (network parameters) 100…240В AC 48…53Hz
Power supply (consumed power) No more than 40 W
Dimensions (camera) 280 х 152.7 х 636 mm
Dimensions (computer unit) 500 х 300 х 210мм
Weight (Camera) 8 kg
Weight (computing unit) 10 kg
Implemented projects