Hardware set of OKO cameras

The problem with placing cars in yards, near shopping centers and office premises, is known to every city resident. A parking lot can solve this problem. Drivers cannot park their cars because someone takes two places simultaneously, stands across, or blocks the passage to several parking spaces at once. The SmartParking system will help monitor order, accommodate all visitors and prevent accidents.

Functional capabilities of smart parking lots

SmartParking is a collection of stationary surveillance cameras with high image quality and an IT platform. The system records the date and time of parking for each car in the visibility zone. She reads the vehicle’s license plate and transmits information about the violation.

SmartParking capabilities:

  1. Round-the-clock monitoring of the parking situation;
  2. Identification of violators of parking lots and traffic stops;
  3. Fixing the time of use of paid parking lots;
  4. Control of the state of road signs and markings on the territory available for inspection;
  5. Collection of statistical data on the use of parking.

Among other things, SmartParking can search for stolen cars by license plates. The system will help fix transport without registration or insurance policy.

Unique technological solutions using neural networks and machine vision

Benefits of working with us

Our company independently selects a site for placing the system and prepares all the documentation for the project. We undertake to install SmartParking, ensuring the connection of communication channels and electricity. After starting the procedure, we perform software control, maintenance, and cleaning.


The advantage of using the SmartParking system

The system records unpaid parking, stopping, and parking in an unauthorized place. Among the violations: are parking in areas for the disabled, lawns, bus stops, intersections, under prohibition signs, etc.

SmartParking has a mobile app to inform motorists. Information boards, websites, and signs are available. The cameras have a mode of photo fixation of violations transmitted to external communication sources. SmartParking analyzes data on breaches and occupancy of parking lots to make forecasts.

Implemented projects