Bridge WIM

Goals of Bridge-WIM

Bridges are a key component in facilitating connections between populated areas by land transport. Structures make it possible to overcome water obstacles, smooth out uneven terrain, or facilitate urban traffic.

Overloaded vehicles can bypass the point of heavy control by circuitous routes, but will definitely pass the bridges. That’s why there is no better place to record traffic violations.

We offer the installation of a high quality mobile weight inspection system called SiWIM. It is a combination of high-precision and reliable equipment, sensors, cameras and unique software.

The SIWIM Bridge Weight-in-Motion (WIM) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The functionality of the SIWIM® Bridge Weight-in-Motion (WIM) APGC can include the following:


The main advantages of the SiWIM system are:

formation of full information about the state of the bridge owes, on which motor vehicles move
the system is invisible to drivers and cannot be bypassed
the system is mobile and can be easily moved to different sites to collect information
high accuracy
fast installation
no effect of the system on the road surface
no need to block the road when installing the system
low maintenance costs - long service life
economic efficiency

Assembling Bridge-WIM

The system is integrated into the existing pavement directly during its operation without disturbing the traffic intensity. SiWIM is fully portable, so re-installation at another location is permissible. The roadway is not disturbed during installation. The scope of supply and the total cost of the project are calculated individually depending on the modification required and the conditions of installation.

Benefits of working with us

  • IPCOMROADS company was the first in Ukraine to install and put into operation VIM paving stone.
  • The system is certified and ready to impose fines for transportation violations. Complies with technical protection requirements.
  • Specialists carry out a turnkey solution.

Technical Characteristics

Accuracy class: A5 … D25
Recommended span width 8…20 m
Maximal weighing limit per axle MAX 35 t
Minimum weighing limit on MIN-axis 1 t
Discreteness of weighing 50 kg
Operating speed range 20…140 kmph
The limits of the permissible error of measuring the speed of a vehicle are from 20 to 140 km/h 2%
Working temperatures -40 - +60

Hardware part

Weighing module
Vibration measurement sensors Measurement of the vibration of the bearing supports of the bridge
Slope detection sensor Determination of the total number of wheels on the axle of the vehicle and wheels in the wheel assembly
Temperature compensation sensor Adjustment of measurements
Power and data processing unit Collection and processing of information from sensors
Video recording module
ANPR cameras Recognition of road traffic signs, recording of violations
Viewing cameras Video recording of the weighing process
Module for measuring overall parameters Measurement of the height, width and length of the vehicle TC
Motion control module
VMS scoreboard Information about the need for weighing
Communication module System controller, PC
Protection and access control module Additional video surveillance

Software part

WAGA-siWIM Formation of the fact of weighing, recording of violations, management of the system
WAGA Dispatcher's ARM, central information storage and processing
Implemented projects