SmartParking software complex

“Smart Parking” refers to the modern system of urban infrastructure. Intelligent technology allows analyzing the traffic network and organizing parking spaces.

Today, in big cities, motorists are increasingly faced with the problem of finding a free parking space. In addition, emergency vehicles, which require more space, cannot pass through the streets blocked by cars. All this turns into an acute problem. “Smart Parking” solves some issues related to the placement and parking of vehicles.

The program was developed considering all modern norms and requirements for urban infrastructure. It creates favorable and motivating conditions for short-term parking of cars on street parking lots.

Advantages of the "Smart Parking" system:

Organization of parking of cars, the transformation of the city center into a spacious and attractive one
Improvement of traffic safety near pedestrian crossings
Reduction of harmful emissions that appear due to "idle" trips in search of free parking spaces
Reduction of traffic flows on main streets
Replenishment of the city budget thanks to paid parking spaces and fines for violation of parking rules and non-observance of traffic rules.
Maintaining order in the city, reducing the number of accidents.

The intelligent monitoring system collects data to analyze parking lot occupancy through a network of “digital vision” cameras and car patrols. Implementation costs are repaid during the year at the expense of funds received from fines for violations of traffic rules recorded by the system.

The accuracy of the received data is always high, which allows you to get a real picture:

  • the latest digital cameras recognize violations in 99% of cases thanks to “get ahead” technology
  • provides comprehensive and reliable parking traffic statistics with the help of artificial intelligence, which can identify a car even one fragment at a time.

The main functions of the system:

The Smart Parking system can be one of the components of larger infrastructure projects, such as the Smart City project.

One of Smart City’s main tasks is to increase the transport network’s efficiency by introducing digital technologies.

Implementing the Smart Parking system in the urban environment will solve the problems of increasing the capacity of the city’s transport arteries by balancing the load on the street and road network and increasing the availability of legal parking spaces. It will make it possible to reduce the number of traffic violations in the country significantly.

Mobile application

Implementation of a single mobile application for finding and paying at municipal and commercial parking spaces in the city. In the future, it will be possible to unite all cities.


  • increasing user loyalty to the parking project;
  • reduction of system maintenance costs;
  • the ability to add a bank card and pay instantly.
  • high speed of necessary operations at any time.
  • analytical panel with a digital map

Analytical panel with a digital map

The analytical panel stores, processes, analyzes, and visualizes enormous volumes of information about the city’s parking space.

What information does:

  • congestion of parking lots;
  • turnover of parking spaces;
  • duration of parking sessions;
  • violation of parking and stopping rules.

Implemented projects