WAGA software complex

The WAGA system allows you to organize collecting, storing, aggregating, and displaying data received from weighing control points.

The main functions of the system are:

  • Receiving data from WIM sites
  • Storing metadata in a relational database
  • Storage of media data in a specialized file storage
  • WEB application for operational personnel
  • Conducting analytics according to various criteria
  • Visualization of traffic flows
  • Providing tools for visual data analysis
  • Analyzing the number of violations, identifying the vehicles that violate the rules most often
  • Grouping of transport routes according to various criteria
  • Grouping of breaches according to different criteria
  • Display of measurement errors

Structurally, the WAGA system consists of the following elements:

Screenshot of the main page:

The main sections of the system

WIM sites
Map of sites Global map with WIM sites plotted
List of sites List of WIM sites registered in the system
Monitoring Monitoring of WIM sites according to predefined criteria
Online Receiving data from selected WIM sites online
Travel archive Viewing the archive of trips according to predefined criteria
Intensity of movement General travel statistics for the selected period are grouped by types of vehicles
Measurement errors
WIM error Current and forecast value of the measurement error of the selected WIM site
Comparative analysis (In progress) List of vehicles that passed through each of the selected WIM sites for the selected period
Implemented projects